Notice of Sales Enforcement



Any expression indicating that the price at which the goods are offered is less than the price at which the goods or goods of the same description were previously supplied including the expression “sale”, “discount”, “reduction”, “best buy”, “best price”, “special price”, “price crush”, “cheaper price everyday” or “offer half price”.


The Controller of Trade Descriptions has approved that traders be allowed to hold 4 times cheap sale of which 3 times the dates shall be determined by the Controller and 1 time the date will be at the choice of the traders.

The cheap sale dates for 2017 as notified in the Gazette by the Controller of Trade

Descriptions are:

  1. Early Year Sale – 1 March 2017 until 2 April 2017
  2. 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival – 1 May 2017 until 31 August 2017
  3. 1Malaysia Year End Sale (M-YES) – 1 October 2017 until 1 January 2018
  4. Two (2) date at the choice of the traders (Any date except Controller’s date).

Conditions for holding cheap sale:-

  1. At least 50% of all goods displayed for sale in the business premises must be offered at cheap sale price.
  2. The minimum discount percentage of all goods offered at cheap sale price must at least 10% from previously offered price (POP).
  3. The cheap sale notice must be displayed and affixed at a conspicuous place. Whereas the particulars of goods and prices may be displayed on any electronic display screen or kept in a folder /file and placed in a conspicuous place and made available to consumers.
  4. If the cheap sale is to be held at more than one place of business, a copy of the notice of each place of business must be displayed every premises. (Good & price details displayed refer to Paragraph 3).
  5. Traders must maintain true and complete records of the prices of goods for the previous six months that were being offered at the same premises.
  6. Traders must indicate on the goods “the price at which the goods were previously supplied” and “the cheap sale price”. “The price at which the goods were previously supplied” means the lowest price for the goods sold for a continuous period of 28 days within 3 months before the commencement of the cheap sale.
  7. The registration number, date of the cheap sale and KPDNKK logo must be stated in any form of advertisement.
  8. The KPDNKK logo is in the National Language and can be translated in any other language expression. It must be printed or written not less than 5mm.
  9. Traders must maintain a reasonable stock of goods offered at cheap sale price.
  10. Each sale held must not exceed 30 days unless the gazetted date.


  1. Each application of Cheap Sale Notice must apply ‘ Online ‘ via
  2. Every trader needs to get a password to use Cheap Sale Notice System Apps.
  3. Each application of Cheap Sale Notice may be sent to any KPDNKK’s branch office at State / District via online.
  4. Upon approval, the trader should print and display the Cheap Sale Notice at their premises.


This Regulations shall not apply wherein the reduction of the price of goods –

  1. Does not indicate any comparison with any other prices;
  2. Is made in compliance which any specific condition relating to the purchase of the goods;

    Example of conditional sale:

    • Purchase with purchase (PWP)
    • Coupons, discount vouchers
    • Member’s card
  3. Is made orally within the premises where the sale is made; or
  4. Is made in relation to perishable goods.

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